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Employment Insurance is now harder to get and keep

This new year, those who are getting help from employment insurance will have a harder time continuing to get that help.

Jobless Canadians will now have to take part in a so-called “suitable” job search.

This involves preparing resumes, applying for jobs, registering for job banks, attending job fairs and taking competency tests.

Those who have used the system and can’t find a “suitable job” must now take any job they’re qualified for and take as much as a 30 per cent pay cut.

Premieres in the Atlantic provinces are worried as the new rules could have a devastating effect on many of the seasonal jobs.

They`re worried about good workers having to leave the region to find year-round jobs.

The Harper government says its trying to get those who aren’t working, back to work as soon as possible.

Documents show that 8,000 E-I claimants could loose their benefits – at least until they can prove they`re meeting the new rules.

January 7th, 2013