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RMWB issuing invoices for work done to wildfire-affected properties

Last Updated Sep 13, 2017 at 6:06 am MDT

PHOTO. Houses in Beacon Hill rebuilding after being destroyed by the 2016 wildfire. Jenna Hamilton/ Morning Reporter.

Owners of wildfire-affected properties that had demolition and cleanup completed by Municipal contractors will be mailed invoices for the work completed.

In July 2016, the Municipality established the Sept. 30, 2016 deadline for all demolition and site cleanup for affected properties. and the Oct. 31, 2016 deadline to either have the lot back-filled or have acceptable alternative safety measured for the winter be installed.

To ensure the cleanup of the community was done timely and to promote safety and an efficient rebuild of the region the municipality completed the work for all property owners who did not meet those deadlines and these expenses are to be paid via the invoices.

There will be one set of invoices issued for demotion and site cleanup and another set for site cleanup and fence installation with some property owners receiving both invoices.

Payment of the invoices is due within 90 days of issue or the balance will be added to the property owner’s tax roll. Residents concerned about the ability to pay for the charges are encouraged to contact the Canadian Red Cross directly at 1-888-553-5505.

If you own a wildfire-affected property and believe you should have received an invoice but have not, please contact recovery@rmwb.ca.

By September 30, 2017, all wildfire-affected properties must be backfilled and fully secured or rebuild must be initiated. If neither step is taken, the Municipality may undertake backfilling at the expense of the homeowner as per the Demolition Order.