Mayor Melissa Blake re-elected for fourth term

Mayor Melissa Blake

Oct 21, 2013 at 9:46 pm in News by Jeff

For the fourth election in a row, Melissa Blake has been named the mayor of Wood Buffalo.

Blake had 6,987 votes, beating out Gene Ouellette, who had 3,477, and Jim Rogers who finished with 1120.

Blake says the voters have delivered.

“They gave you someone who will strive to deliver the lands that we need for a stable market, that’s filled with new commercial, residential, and social need. They gave you someone who will negotiate transportation solutions that solve problems and empower the region without taking on expenses that are not ours,” she said.

“The message that they sent has been received, and I will commit to considering all as we move forward together. Tonight, the voters gave you a mayor who is a dreamer, a builder, and a believer.”

Blake also called for constituents to be engaged with her going forward.

“And tonight, you all gave me a chance to lead a region on the cusp of becoming even greater. To that, change is inevitable. Working with council is essential, and ensuring our public is engaged is imperative. So please, dream with me, build with me, and believe with me that together, we can achieve these incredible things for our region,” she said.

She was first elected in 1998, where she served two terms as city councillor before being elected mayor in 2004.

Click here for the final few minutes of Blake’s victory speech.