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Local seniors meet with provincial representatives

The Golden Years Society got their meeting with visiting provincial ministers.

Yesterday afternoon, seniors minister George Vanderburg, along with infrastructure minister Jeff Johnson, health minister Fred Horne, and MLA Guy Boutilier, heard the concerns of local seniors over the location of the upcoming long term care facility.

In July, the province had announced that the facility would be built at Willow Square downtown. A couple months after that, the location was changed to Parson’s Creek.

Vanderburg says that the province does want input, contrary to what some locals may think. He also admits that he made a mistake in not consulting with seniors before moving the facility.

Local seniors want the long term care centre to be built downtown across from the hospital. The Willow Square location will also make other amenities accessible to them. They say that if they had to move to Parson’s Creek, they wouldn’t not be able to easily see doctors, or be able to attend events that are generally held downtown.

Vanderburg says that the group will take their notes on the meetings this week back to Edmonton, to discuss potential solutions.