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Investigation underway for T4 slips sent to wrong people

There have been three incidents in Alberta, where somone’s T4 income tax slip has been sent to the wrong person.

Director of the Personal Information Act, Diane McLeod-McKay says that some envelopes have been double-stuffed. Tax forms are also being printed on both sides of a page, with two different people’s information. She also says that if the T-4s have been sent out through automated emails, they’ve been sent to the wrong address.

She says an investigation is now underway to determine whether or not there is a risk of significant harm to anyone whose tax info ended up in the wrong hands, or if they need to be notified.

McLeod-McKay says that in order to prevent problems like this in the future, companies have to ensure that tax information is being checked before it’s mailed out.

Published March 9, 2012