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Council approves Waterfront redevelopment plan

Councillors have unanimously approved the redevelopment plan for Fort McMurray’s waterfront.

Executive developer Ron Taylor says that doesn’t mean it’s full speed ahead yet.

“This is just the beginning of an on-going process, we intend to be bringing this project back to the community, working with the community through the course of the next four years as we implement this, we will be bringing it back to you annually.”

The project calls for new parks, developments, and attractions along the Snye and Clearwater.

Losing that access was a major concern of the Save Our Snye group.

Project manager John Buchko says there will be a temporary marina on the Snye for motor boats and float planes too.

“What we are committing to do is provide this on a provisional basis, so motorized uses can be used on the Snye until which time the marina on the Clearwater is built, constructed and operational.”

Taylor says they’ve made sure the concerns of the Save Our Snye group have been addressed.

“The intention is that there would be a facility maintained at Snye point, as it is today, which you can see from the diagram we’ve indicated could accommodate boats and could accommodate float planes.”

That facility will be temporary until a marina on the Clearwater is ready.

November 28th, 2012