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Province launches 511 road reports

Finding out about conditions on the highway is now just a phone call away.

Transport minister Ric McIver launched the new 511 road reports service in Calgary today.

He says it’ll also come with a website where traffic cameras are updated every 20 minutes.

“We get wind, snow, rainstorms, every once in a while a tornado,” he said. “It’s Alberta, that’s why having updated and current information for people who travel here is a benefit that we think they’ll appreciate.”

It’ll replace the current AMA Road Reports system.

McIver says drivers can get a wealth of info.

“You can find out the temperature of the pavement, you can look at a picture of what the traffic is,” he said. “The more information we can give Albertans, we think the better chance that the responsible ones will have of getting from point A to point B.”

It’ll cost taxpayers about 400 thousand dollars per year.

The website is here.

February 4, 2013