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CBC: National hospital survey gives Fort McMurray a D

The Northern Lights Regional Health Centre has been given a thumbs down by a national hospital survey.

The CBC’s Fifth Estate program is conducting a nation-wide survey and ranking of hospitals, and gave Fort McMurray’s a D grade.

Where the Northern Lights Centre fell short was in terms of the number of patients who have problems connected with nursing care.

According to numbers by the Canadian Institute for Health Information, these problems happened with post-surgery patients almost three times as much (107.97/1000 people) as the national average (35.99).

It also reported the problem happening almost twice as often 59.65/1000 people) as the average with regular patients (29.19).

But the hospital scored an A+ in Mortality after major surgery (0/1000 people vs average of 8.62), and a B in readmission after surgery (5.83/1000 people vs average of 6.51) and readmission after medical treatment (13.52/1000 people vs average of 13.31).

April 11, 2013