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EPA: Reconsider environmental assessment of Keystone X.L.

The State Department is being asked to reconsider its environmental assessment of the Keystone XL.

The U.S Environmental Protection Agency wrote a letter that raises concerns about the proposed pipeline’s carbon footprint.

It criticized the draft study and says the State assessment didn’t properly look for another route the pipeline could take.

The State Department’s study shows the pipeline wouldn’t majorly boost production in the oil sands, or increase emissions.

TransCanada says the EPA recommends further comparisons of greenhouse gas emissions from oilsands crude compared with U.S crude oil, but ignores the fact the Canadian crude will be delivered by the pipeline.

The pipeline company also says it has had a cooperative relationship with the EPA through the over four year review of the project.

The EPA is one of many federal groups advising the Obama administration on the pipeline.

A final decision from U.S. President Barack Obama is expected this summer.

April 23rd, 2013