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Province makes more raw data available to public

(Picture: Screenshot of website http://data.alberta.ca/)

Did you know province-wide there are more than 3,000 licensed drivers are 90 years old or over?

How about that the projected birth’s in Alberta’s North Zone in 2042 is 8,243?

The provincial government is trying to be more transparent and announced yesterday it would make more raw data available to the public.

It will cover everything from groundwater activity to birth statistics.

Service Alberta Minister Manmeet Bhullar says the goal of what’s been dubbed the ‘open data portal’ is to share information that can be used to support innovative ideas and projects.

He says it’s a single access point for all publicly available provincial government data that’s not subject to legal restrictions.

Bhullar says the portal is designed to beuser friendly.

Right now there are 280 data sets on it.

CLICK HERE to view it.

May 29th, 2013