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Redford pushes for new pipeline in NB

The idea of an oil sands pipeline to the east coast is gaining momentum with Premier Alison Redford in New Brunswick today.

She addressed the province’s legislature, and centred her speech around the idea.

“A west-east pipeline will enable us to take advantage of some amazing synergies between Alberta and New Brunswick, and use them for the benefit of all Canadians,” she said. “Alberta is the only major producer on the planet without direct access to the sea.”

“Canada’s biggest challenge, which we all face, is to establish better access to the international marketplace, and tell our story, so potential buyers understand how much we have to offer,” she added. “And no province can undertake this alone.”

New Brunswick’s Premier David Alward has also come out in support of the idea.

“We believe this project is great no matter whether you live in Alberta, New Brunswick, or any other place in the country,” he said.

TransCanada has already announced it’ll consider reversing a natural gas pipeline to send crude at least as far as Quebec, with the possibility of an extension to the Irving Refinery in Saint John.

June 7, 2013