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More rain coming; City and volunteers working to protect infrastructure

With a weather warning in the forecast the city and volunteers are taking measures to protect local infrastructure and heritage sites.

Volunteers have put sandbags up around Heritage Park which is also helping to protect nearby infratructure such as Composite High, and Keyano.

Heritage Park was created in 1963 and is operated by the Historical Society.

It has 17 historic buildings, that includes a trapper’s cabin, an Anglican church and a Catholic Mission.

Yesterday, a 50 foot piece of the river bank beside Ptarmigan Trailer Park eroded into the river putting Tolen Drive in jepoardy.

The city says the Tolen Drive retaining wall is crucial to the access of Waterways and Draper and a remediation strategy and steps are being taken.

The city has contracted the work to E-Construction Ltd. to place large angular rock, concrete material and objects with large mass, dimensions and of angular nature to interlock in place at the foot of the bank and prevent further erosion.

The work began immediatley.

It will help protect the retaining wall and watermain location.

Traffic won’t be affected

Environment Canada has issued a weather warning that says to expect anywhere from 50 to 100 millimetres of rain by Saturday.

You are also reminded to stay away from the river and river banks, it is unsafe.

Stay tuned for updates.