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Study shows media use of phrase 'tar sands' or 'oil sands' is almost even

People are just as likely to see the phrase ‘tar sands’ as ‘oil sands’ in the media, according to a new study.

Cormax Research found 88% of Canadian media use ‘oil sands’.

But, when it looked at 31 newspapers in the U.S., U.K., and Australia over a year the use of the two phrases was close to even.

Preference of the terms usually depended on the newspaper, writer or sources quoted.

President and author Andrew Laing says Canadians should realize that it’s being talked about abroad just as much as it is here.

He says the study suggests that whatever word is used has little actual consequence to how people outside of Canada talk about it.

The research shows the amount of coverage on the resource has almost doubled in the years first quarter

The use of ‘tar sands’ or negative references is climbing, and 35 percent of the total audience has been exposed to it, to date this year.

Take a closer look at the study HERE

June 26th, 2013