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The ‘Human Barbie‘

When photos surfaced of the ‘Human Barbie‘ last year many people cried fake, assuming she was just a computer generated image, or at the very least, the product of some very heavy photo editing.

But, Ukrainian born Valeria Lukyanova is 100% real and even insists she has not had any help from surgeons to achieve her bizarre living doll look—claiming her appearance is completely natural.

“Many people say bad things about people who want to perfect themselves,” Lukyanova tells V Magazine. “It’s hard work, but they dismiss it as something done by surgeons or computer artists.

“Some people even spread rumors about me and retouch my pictures to hurt me. But I don’t take them seriously. I’m even flattered! It’s what success is like. I’m happy I seem unreal to them, it means I’m doing a good job.”

And the model/musician intends to use her new found fame to do good in the world.

“I believe that because of it I have a responsibility to bring more good, light, and positive emotions to people. I want to share my art and my music and tell people about my spiritual ideas. When you feel happy, you want to tell everyone about it so that others become happier too,” she says.

Source- www.okmagazine.com