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Region's I.T.U. charges 16,000 in a year on highways 63, 881, and 69

The Wood Buffalo Integrated Traffic Unit is reflecting on the amount of tickets it handed out on highways 63, 881 and 60 over the year.

It says over 16,000 charges were laid from August 1st last year to August 1st this year, and over 10,000 of those were speed related.

200 drivers were charged for going more than 50 km/h above the posted speed limits

On top of that, 51 were charged with impaired driving and 90 others were suspended for other drug and alcohol related offenses.

It says it also caught 69 uninsured drivers, 198 distracted drivers, and 477 with seat belt violations.

49 drivers were caught carelessly driving and 455 were handed intersection related charges for things like running through a red light.

It also identified 10 Criminal Code drug charges, and 61 suspended drivers were caught driving, and had their vehicles seized by the province for 30 days.

The unit wants to remind drivers to pay attention to their behaviours, and to keep safety in mind.

It says it will continue working on getting unsafe drivers off the road.

 August 21st, 2013