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TransCanada over 90% done Gulf Coast Pipeline; running by end-of-year

TransCanada says it’s over 90% finished its Gulf Coast Pipeline Project, and it should be up and running by the end of the year.

Spokesperson Shawn Howard says testing and commissioning work will take place over the next few months on the line that runs from Cushing, Oklahoma, to Nederland, Texas.

It’s the southern part of the controversial Keystone X.L. oil sands pipeline.

In May last year, the pipeline company chose to go ahead with it as a separate project, calling it the Gulf Coast Pipeline Project.

The Keystone X.L. is still waiting for final approval from the Obama administration because it will cross the Canadian-American border.

If approved this year, the company plans to have the entire line in service by 2015.

The pipeline will have capacity to transport 830,000 bpd to Gulf Coast and Midwest refineries from Hardisty, Alberta.

It says it will reduce American dependence on oil from south America and the Middle East by up to 40%.

August 21st, 2013