In 2 shifts, I.T.U catches 11 drivers for speeding or impaired driving

The Integrated Traffic Unit is reflecting on 2 busy shifts catching impaired drivers and drivers with a heavy foot this weekend.

It caught 6 drunk drivers; three of them have been criminally charged while the other three had their licenses and cars seized for three days.

Another driver’s vehicle was towed and their license was suspended for using drugs.


Also, a 45-year-old man faces a court appearance for going 135 kilometres an hour in a 50km/h construction zone on 63, while another driver was caught on the highway near Syncrude doing 141km/h in a 60 zone.

It also caught two previously suspended drivers who had their vehicles seized for 30 days.

But one of them, a 32 year old man also had 9 outstanding warrants and was arrested on scene.

I.T.U reminds drivers to be aware of the way they are driving.

September 13th, 2013

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