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City looking for more feedback on proposed bike park for all cyclists

The city has plans to build a bike park for cyclists, and it’s hosting a second engagment session to gather feedback.

A public engagement is being hosted tomorrow night from 5:30 to 8:30 at MacDonald Island, but you can also give feedback online.

Part of the decision on the bike park is where to put it, as North Parsons, Silin Forest Road, Real Martin Drive Abrahms Land, and Wolverine Drive, are all possibilities.

The park would be used for all forms of biking including trials, mountain and cyclocross.

One of the city’s presentations shows that Wolverine would only support mountain biking and Abrahms would only be good for BMXers.

The city says the park could include many different amenities, such as a bike washing station and an air pump but it’ll be based on feedback from residents.

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