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RCMP charge 3 after "bait-vehicles" were stolen

3 men – 2 from Wandering River and 1 from Grassland- are facing charges after RCMP caught them in two different instances stealing what it calls, “bait vehicles.”

Boyle RCMP explain that a “bait-vehicle” is a police-owned covert automobile used to deter criminals and catch those stealing them.

Police say early Sunday, a number of the cars were taken from a private Grassland construction site and taken to a rural property near Atmore.

In that incident, police say a 52-year-old Grassland mans charges are still pending.

RCMP also charged 33-year-old Christopher Bernard Tynan and 40-year-old Patrick Dale Wood of Wandering River, after one of the planted vehicles was taken from a rest area on 63 to a nearby rural property on February 2nd.

Police say they face charges that include theft, mischief, and possession of property obtained by crime.

They’ll be in court tomorrow in Boyle.