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Lawyer says Boutilier's resignation was part of settlement

A court challenge is the real reason why Guy Boutilier quit council, according to lawyer Paul Beke. The attorney says his client Robert Vargo, settled outside of court with Boutilier last week.

“There was just two parts to it, to resign and to consent to the court order,” says Beke of Burnet, Duckworth & Palmer.

Beke says the court order involved submitting an irrevocable letter of resignation from Boutilier, to recognize the former Ward 1 representative vacated the position. Vargo filed an affidavit Nov. 7, 2014 to disqualify Boutilier from office. He claimed Boutilier didn’t live in Ward 1 for six consecutive months leading up to the 2013 nominations for the municipal election. Vargo said Boutilier was based out of Edmonton where he shared a home with his wife. None of the allegations were proven in court, and Beke says the settlement was finalized in court yesterday.

“Mr. Vargo thought this accomplished his objective to ensure that the electoral law was respected and this was the simplest way to do that. So he is content with the result,” says Beke.

Boutilier resigned on Saturday, a move Mayor Melissa Blake said was a surprise. In an email to the mayor, councillors and RMWB staff that day, Boutilier said he had other reasons for leaving.

“As many of you know I have been actively pursuing full time opportunities and I have decided to resign from Council. My ability to provide for my family has been impacted and I have given great consideration to these factors in making my decision to resign,” Boutilier wrote in the email.

Boutilier was not immediately available to answer an interview request.