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Northside Rec Centre designs being presented to council

Photo Supplied: A final design on the Northside Twin Arena's from the RRC's presentation to Council on January 27th, 2015. RMWB / WEB

Officials are laying out their options for the Northside Recreation Centre. The Regional Recreation Corp is presenting facility designs at tonight’s council meeting. It’s recommending a $178.2 million building that spans about 251,701 sq. ft. It includes an aquatics centre, skate park, fitness space, and library. In its documents, the RRC says it’s the result of about 30 engagement sessions and 9,593 participation responses.

“The Board of Directors therefore recommend option 1 as the final design, as the design is supported by
community direction and contains amenities that will be deficient in the region should other facilities close,” writes the RRC.

Other than a space for a cinema, the plans incorporate the top six amenities the community asked for: an aquatics centre, arenas, lease space for bowling, a fitness centre and child area. But the RRC says there’s no need to approve the full budget for the project.

“Given the current economic climate, with oil at $46 per barrel and our partners cutting back on expenditures, the RRC Board of Directors feels that in order to be fiscally responsible and prudent that full project budget should not be approved at this time,” the documents say.

Officials recommend council approve a design budget so construction documents can be advanced to 75 per cent, and the project can be tendered when council thinks it’s appropriate. On Dec. 9, 2014 council voted to temporarily suspend construction on the Twin Arena and create a revised budget for the entire project.