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Ottawa man murdered in Monday's MacDonald Ave shooting

Wood Buffalo RCMP have confirmed that Monday’s suspicious death at a MacDonald Avenue apartment was indeed a homicide.

Mounties say 28 year old Mustafa Mattan, who was living in Fort McMurray by way of Ottawa was shot dead in his apartment.

Reports say Mattan was shot through the door, in cold blood.

RCMP responded to a call of multiple gunshots in the apartment complex at 11:20 p.m., on Monday, Feb. 9, 2015.

Media reports out of Ottawa say Mattan was a ‘subdued’ individual, that his family hails from Somalia, and that he regularly attended a local Mosque and gave back to the Islamic community.

Reports also say that Mattan was living in the apartment with his brother at the time, Mattan in Fort McMurray working as a security guard.

Mattan was university educated, with a degree in Health Sciences.

Alledgedly he had only been in Fort McMurray for a few short weeks while trying to save some money to get married.

RCMP wouldn’t say if Mattan was known to them, saying it could compromise the integrity of the investigation.

Mounties are still searching for clues and roomates who were home with Mattan at the time of the shooting are co-operating.

“We’re actively seeking suspects in this case, however we can’t speculate as to the motive as this remains under investigation,” said Corporal George Cameron, of the Wood Buffalo RCMP.

Some of Mattan’s friend in Ottawa have begun a crowdfunding campaign to help pay for his funeral expenses.

An online link can be found here.