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Rainfall subsides; clean up begins

Localized Flooding during heavy rainfall, July 31, 2016. SARAH ANDERSON. Reporter.

Since yesterday’s down pour, staff from Underground Services and Public works have been busy evaluating the conditions within the community.

Crews have removed numerous barricades, swept various streets and pumped up pooled water. They will continue to monitor the road systems.

The municipality has placed large garbage bins in Ross Haven, at the intersection of Thicket Dr & Robin Cres. Residents are encouraged to dispose of large, water soaked items in these bins, they will remain in place for one week, until Monday August 8th.

Homeowners in the Ross Haven Neighborhood may receive a visit from municipal ground staff as they could have experience some sanitary sewer flooding. They will be handing out pamphlets to residents with information advising them on:

  • What to do following sanitary sewer flooding, with information from Alberta Health Services
  • List of next steps, including contact your insurance provider
  • Contact information for Alberta Health Services and the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo


“With many residents away for the long weekend, we encourage residents who live in an area that experienced localized flooding to connect in the next week with their neighbours to see if they can help them out” said Chris Graham, Deputy Director of Emergency Management. “It’s important that our community continues to be resilient and work together following yesterday’s rainfall.”

If you have instances of flooding in or around your property you should contact the Pulse Line at 780-743-700. Regional Emergency Operations and Underground Services will review each situation.

If you have experienced basement flooding you should contact your insurance provider or the Insurance Bureau of Canada.