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Brian Jean brings town hall tour to the community

Last Updated Aug 31, 2016 at 1:37 pm MST

Brian Jean addresses Fort McMurray residents during his "On Your Side" town hall tour. Jenna Hamilton. REPORTER.

Leader of the Wildrose party, Brian Jean brought his “On Your Side” town hall tour to Fort McMurray on Tuesday evening.

The beginning of the night saw Jean outline his party’s vision and where they would like to be by the next election, in 2019.

The vision the Wildrose party has for the future of Alberta consists of, a stable economy Albertans can rely on not just when oil prices are high, a healthcare system where the needs of patients are put first, and a healthcare system that innovates and is transparent and to stop equalization payments to Ottawa.

“With this vision I truly believe we can restore the Alberta advantage and take back our province,” said Jean.

Jean said if elected they will undo the attacks from the NDP on our energy and agriculture sector.

“And yes that does mean, to get an explicit mandate from the people to rip up the NDP’s carbon tax,” he added.

He also touched on the fact that the conservative parties must work together and that they had talked to the Progressive Conservatives about merging as one party and the majority of them turned the offer down.

Being from Fort McMurray, Brian Jean expressed his frustrations on the “red-tape” that was prohibiting his only family from re-building in Waterways.

The floor was opened to residents where they could ask questions and express concerns not only about the rebuilding of our community but, issues with our current government.

Residents stated concerns about the controversial Energy East pipeline and how it could be built, which Jean promptly responded, “elect conservative parties across the country.”

Jean’s message through the night was that he would continue to fight for Fort McMurray, and the entire province, “to make Alberta great again.”