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Mayor Melissa Blake "unlikely" to seek re-election in 2017

PHOTO. Mayor Melissa Blake speaks at a re-entry press conference on August 31, 2016. Sarah Anderson/REPORTER

At a media conference Wednesday morning about the re-entry to standing homes in Abasand and Beacon Hill for 439 residents Mayor Melissa Blake was asked whether she would seek re-election in the October 2017 municipal election.

“I would love to tell you that I’m undecided, but I’m not, I pretty much know my outcome,” she said, adding her decision has nothing to do with the current circumstances of the community.

“It has been an honour and privilege to serve this region and especially during these difficult times. The harder things are the prouder I am of the region that I represent,” said Blake. “But, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll see my name on the next ballot.”

Blake said the decision isn’t one she has arrived at lightly and it’s one she’s been contemplating with the future election looming.