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Stepping Stones Youth Services Wood's Homes reopens


The Stepping Stones Youth Services Wood’s Homes in Dickinsfield is now back up and running following restoration and repairs because of heavy damages sustained in the post-wildfire explosion in Dickinsfield.

Wood’s Homes is the only short-term stay home for young people aged 12-17 in the community.

The 24-hour outreach and crisis intervention programs offered through Stepping Stones Youth Services are vital to the young people in our community and their families who are experiencing crisis in the home.

The services are located at 102 McConachie Crescent in Dickinsfield. There are also mobile outreach programs that launched on August 31 that help people aged 12-21 through crisis counselling and school and employment support.

The home is supported by the United Way as a member agency and works to help bring young people back to their family homes following a crisis.

During the evacuation because of the wildfire a safety plan was developed for all clients staying in the shelter and staff ensured they were in regular contact with their families.

For information and support you can call 780-750-2252.