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$500,000 of donated sports equipment coming to Fort McMurray

A sign welcoming residents back after 6 week evacuation due to wildfire. NICOLE BAGGIO. Staff.

Sports Central and United Cycle will be delivering over $500,000 worth of sports equipment to our community for players and families affected by the wildfire.

A semi-trailer load of equipment will be delivered on Wednesday, September 7th to representatives from Fort McMurray Minor Hockey, Fort McMurray Minor Baseball and Fort McMurray Minor Football.

A multitude of individual donations of money and equipment had come in from across Canada. Even companies such as CCM and 14 other sporting goods industry leaders, have stepped up to donate a variety of new equipment.

Sport Central is a registered charity, whose sole mission is to provide equipment to children in need throughout Alberta.

“We started outfitting the children of displaced families a day after the evacuation and haven’t stopped,” says Sheldon Oleksyn, Executive Director of Sport Central. “We have been working closely with our Founding Partner, United Cycle, on a number of initiatives enabling children from the North to keep playing the sports they love.“

The need does not come to an end when residents return to their homes, businesses and lives, Oleksyn added.

If you are a family interested in equipment for hockey and baseball you can contact the following organizations:

Fort McMurray Minor Hockey – president@fmmha.com

Fort McMurray Minor Baseball – president@fmmba.ca