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Updates to the Municipal Transit Service

Last Updated Sep 2, 2016 at 5:28 pm MDT

File photo/Woosh.

The Municipal Transit Service has updated and improved routes and schedules just in time for back to school.

The changes will take effect September 5th.

“The future of transit is based on ridership,” said Robert Kirby, Director of Transit Services. “Our goal is to provide safe, efficient and reliable transit for all residents, and with the changes we made in July, we’re already seeing an increase in ridership. We’re extremely proud of our service and we intend to review our system on an ongoing basis, making adjustments based on ridership and feedback from residents.”

Some of the updated service includes:

  • Improved high school and junior high school services, including services to Abasand, Beacon Hill and Waterways
  • Increased services along routes 1 and 2 during peak hours
  • Staggered scheduling of routes 10 and 11 that provide service from downtown to Gregoire every 15 minutes.
  • Airport shuttle (Route 11), which will terminate at TaigaNva to provide increased hotel service
  • Update stops along the new transit routes connecting Timberlea (Route 15) and Thickwood (Route 16)
  • The airport shuttle connects with routes 15 and 16 downtown
  • Specific community routes will now be offered hourly


Some routes have been eliminated, reduced or combined with other routes to provide a more effective service.

Printed schedules booklets will not reflect the updates, you should check out the municipal website at rmwb.ca/transit.