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Golden RCMP officer shot in the line of duty

Last Updated Oct 12, 2016 at 8:53 am MDT

A shot of the police scene unfolding in Golden, BC. Twitter @dennybil

The manhunt for the person or people responsible for shooting a Golden, B.C. RCMP officer.

It happened during a traffic stop in connection with a possible theft.

Reports say the RCMP had set up a road block near Donald Station and stopped the accused.

However, they failed to comply with orders and a female Mountie was shot in the arm.

The suspect stole a nearby vehicle and fled to the scene and there’s no word yet as to their current whereabouts.

Mounties say she has non-life threatening injuries and has since been flown to Kamloops to be treated for her injuries.

Police resources from around the Rockies region have descended on the area to help the detachment.

The TransCanada was closed for a large stretch while they continue to investigate, trapping many there on BC Highway #1 to await their investigation.

Media Liaison with the Mounted Police Professional Association of Canada Rob Creaser says this is proof they are in a dangerous line of work.

“It just reinforces that we do do dangerous work and that I don’t know the exact circumstances, I understand it was a member working with the Traffic Section so it was some kind of traffic stop. We hear every day on the radio that it is a routine traffic stop, well it’s only routine because officers do it every day, each stop has the potential to turnout like I believe this one did,” he said.

“If you expect that every violator or stop that you initiated that the person inside had a gun, it would be very mentally hard to do the job. You’re taught to prepare for that potential but it happens to infrequently, thank god, that you very seldom hear of incidents like this.”

Creaser says they’ve been given the name of the officer but they’re not sharing it so that next of kin and family can be notified first.

“We don’t know whether it’s one individual or several, I think there might be as we speak something taking place and hopefully in the next few minutes there might be more information,” he said.