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Jason Kenney releases statement about PC Party fine

Last Updated Nov 21, 2016 at 1:11 pm MDT

Jason Kenney/ Instagram

The man running to lead the Alberta PCs is talking, after getting fined by the party.

In a statement, Jason Kenney says he is disappointed but will comply with the decision and pay the $5,000 fine for showing up at a delegate selection meeting last week.

He says his campaign “repeatedly sought clarification of the vague rules” about what you can and can’t do before the meetings.

There were allegations Kenney’s campaign rented a hospitality room at the meeting just before it started.

PC Party President Katherine O’Neill is speaking to the media at 1 p.m. Monday to discuss the fine.

The full statement is below:

“We are disappointed, but will comply with the decision of the PCAA CRO thereby forcing another delegate selection meeting in Edmonton Ellerslie.

Our campaign has sought at all times to comply with the rules laid out for the leadership election.

In Edmonton Ellerslie, local supporters of our campaign organized a get-together prior to the beginning of the Delegate Selection Meeting for those running to support the Unite Alberta campaign.

They did so in a different space rented by our campaign. Jason Kenney simply intended to drop-by this event briefly to thank those running in support of his candidacy, and was at no point going to attend the Delegate Selection Meeting (DSM.).

Our campaign repeatedly sought clarification of the vague rules regarding activities prior to DSMs, but we received none.

All of those running in support of our campaign in Edmonton Ellerslie were elected in an open and fair process, winning the full allotment of fifteen delegate positions.

We regret that grassroots members in Edmonton Ellerslie will have to spend another evening to repeat their DSM, but are confident that the democratic will of the members will be expressed with the same clarity.”

Jason Kenney Leadership Campaign