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PM decision on Northern Gateway, Line 3 replacement expected Friday

Last Updated Nov 25, 2016 at 8:19 am MDT


The Trudeau government has committed to decide by Friday, November 25, whether two pipeline projects, proposed by energy giant Enbridge will go ahead. The federal Liberals are reviewing the Line 3 replacement and Northern Gateway.

Previous media reports suggested the government would make an announcement on Tuesday, November 29, but federal officials have only confirmed the decision will be announced after it is made.

Auspice Capital Chief Information Officer, Tim Pickering, says it doesn’t look good for Northern Gateway. “Trudeau has been opposed to the project openly so we expect a veto there,” he said.

Pickering is more optimistic about Line 3, which would replace a decades-old conduit that runs from Hardisty, Alberta to Superior, Wisconsin, and double its capacity. “I think any way that pipelines can be optimized, whether it’s just improvements or maintenance, or those type of things, makes complete sense,” he said.

The National Energy Board recommended Line 3’s approval in April.

The government is also tasked with deciding whether to proceed with further First Nations consultations on Northern Gateway.

A court ruling found the previous Conservative government had failed in its duty to consult properly, and put the brakes on the project.

Trudeau has signaled, in the past, that he is against Northern Gateway.

Mike Hudema, with Greenpeace, says if Line 3 is approved and Northern Gateway rejected, it would set back Canada’s efforts to combat climate change.

There’s another big decision on the horizon, too. On December 19, Trudeau will make a decision on the Trans Mountain Pipeline. The early signs for that project suggest it will be approved.