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Wildfires impact on hours worked for May and June

Children's toys spared in the wildfire. NKS Photography. Used with permission.

As a result of the wildfire and mandatory evacuation some residents from our region lost work hours while others put in extra.

According to Statistics Canada 8.5 million hours were lost over May and June, while 870,000 additional hours were worked.

The industries that had the most significant share of workers who lost hours was reported in transportation and warehousing, at 87.5 per cent.

Health care and social assistance followed at 85.7 per cent and natural resources recorded 85.1 percent.

Self-employed workers lost more hours on average at 295.3 than employees at 195.4.

In the rest of Alberta the overall effect of the wildfire on work hours was a loss of 2.2 million hours in May and 700,000 in June.