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Local dog musher celebrates success at Canadian Challenge

SUPPLIED: Christina Traverse mushing. RRCWB.

A local dog musher is celebrating multiple awards received at the Canadian Challenge sled dog race on February 23, 2017.

Christina Traverse, known as “Mush McMurray” finished seventh place at the challenge, won the Sid Robinson Award for the fastest time between the checkpoints located at Grandmother’s Bay and Stanley Mission, and the prestigious Vet Award for Best Kept Team during the race.

“It is always an honour to serve as an ambassador for the Wood Buffalo region and Fort McMurray when I attend sled dog competitions,” said Traverse. “While a strong finish in the race is important, of more importance to me is the well-being and health of my dogs. As such, receiving the award for best kept team was really significant as it was a recognition of my commitment to always putting my dogs first.”

SUPPLIED: Christina Traverse with her dogs. RRCWB.


Traverse was born and raised in Fort McMurray. She is well-known in the region due to her passion for the sport of dog sledding and her impressive commitment to providing excellent care for her dogs.

The Canadian Challenge sled dog race is a 12 dog continuous mid distance race held in Saskatchewan. The race follows a route between Prince Albert and La Ronge, the total distance is approximately 600 kilometers.