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Behind the scenes of winning the lottery with Chris Flett

PHOTO: Supplied.

May of 2016 was a month most people want to forget in our community, and rightfully so, over 2000 structures were destroyed, one of which was Chris Flett’s home.

Although the mid-portion of the year was dreadful for Flett, the end was very rewarding when he won the Stollery’s Take 50 lottery grand prize which worked out to be $432,030.

“I was in disbelief, I called my fiance to check the website because I was shaking too much so I couldn’t do the research,” Said Flett. “I was getting congratulated on Facebook, and email and text, but I didn’t know how, or why. The draw was on the news in the morning, so I checked my voicemail and I got a confirmation call from Stollery.”

Now, Flett is taking the money he won, and giving it back to charities, his family, and the people who need it the most.

“My fiance and I sat down a couple days after and made a list of who we could help, and who we could help right now.” Said Flett. “Before Christmas, we helped some of the family out, and a couple of the charities. Then we did another round of donations in early January to charities.