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Recruiting begins for Keyano College Board of Governors Chair

Interested residents are invited to apply to become the new Chair of the Keyano College Board of Governors.

As the Chair, you will represent the Board in dealings with the Minister of Advanced Education, the Department, the President of the College, stakeholders and the community.

To find out more information about the position, and to apply, head to Chair of the Keyano College Board of Governors. You can also view other members, and policies at current members, policies and more.

The position is for a three-year term and is unpaid, however the board chair and members are reimbursed for allowable expenses.

In addition to the public positions, the Board also includes a representative from the Keyano College Faculty Association (KCFA), a representative from CUPE, and a representative from the Student Association of Keyano College (SAKC).

As a part of the Board, you will be a part of, but not limited to governing Keyano, formulating policies to make decisions on fiscal and academic matters and establishing the purpose and vision of Keyano College.

You will also continue to work towards the financial, and social well-being of Keyano College and post-secondary education in the region.