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Wildrose leader says hate and intolerance not welcome in his party

Last Updated Jun 14, 2017 at 6:22 am MST

660 NEWS Ian Campbell

Wildrose leader Brian Jean says hate and intolerance are not welcome within the party.

Jean continued to face questions outside the Global Petroleum Show in Calgary, only days after a staffer revealed he was being bullied by individuals within the party.

Legislative and Outreach Assistant Cody Johnston claimed he was getting anti-gay messages for attending an Edmonton Pride event.

“I’ve talked to Cody this morning and I wanted to give him my support, but just to recognize there’s no place for that in our party, and frankly I reject that kind of behaviour,” said Jean who added he was shocked and angered to hear about the messages.

He couldn’t comment as to whether those behind it will remain in the party, only telling reporters a process is now underway.

“We need to make sure we stand up for all Albertans equally. This is what a government should do. This is what a government has to do, and there is no place for hate and that kind of speech within our party. There just isn’t,” he said.

Jean says they’ve been involved in all of the Pride events since he’s been leader. He’s gone to the Fyrefly lunch, and his good friend Tany Yao was at Edmonton Pride.

He rejects the perception that Wildrose wants nothing to do with LGBTQ issues.

“For those members who do have that type of hate speech or other types of intolerance, frankly they should leave our party.”

Edmonton Pride continues till June 18th. Calgary Pride begins on August 25th.