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Indspire helps Indigenous students achieve goals

Last Updated Jun 21, 2017 at 11:07 am MDT

More than 95 per cent of post-secondary students aided by Indigenous-led charity Indspire graduate.

It’s a high success rate, and one that is dearly celebrate by Indspire President, Roberta Jamison.

She also says more than 50 per cent of graduates go on to pursue a second degree, including a Masters or PHD.

Jamison says it’s an inspiring confirmation that if Indeginous students have financial support they can achieve their goals.

Jamison says a recent study found 18-thousand Indigenous students were denied funding. “It is, what I would call in Canada, a comfortable myth, held by many who are just ill informed. People believe that every Indigenous student will receive money from the government to pay for all of their schooling and that is a complete myth,” Jamison said.

To mark Canada’s 150th birthday, Canadians are being asked to donate to Indspire. Contributions will be matched not only by the government, but also a private donor.