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Parsons Creek Town Centre to open in 2020

Last Updated Jun 28, 2017 at 3:12 pm MDT

PHOTO. Royop Development Corporation will be purchasing land North of the Parsons Creek interchange to develop the Parsons Creek Town Centre.

Council approved administration’s recommendation for Royop Development Corporation to purchase a piece of land North of the Parsons Creek interchange for the commercial development of the Parsons Creek Town Centre.

They are planning break ground in the spring of 2019 and then open the development in spring of 2020.

Councillor Phil Meagher noted that there are two schools opening up in that area that presently have low enrollment and asked about customer predictions.

“Fort McMurray is a very interesting market, from our understanding it is the only market in Canada of 75-thousand people or larger that has no Home Depot, no Lowes, no Winners, no Marshalls, no Michaels, no PetSmart, no bowling alley, no Costco,” said Jeremy Thal, vice president of development and leasing with Royop.

“Anyone resident within Fort McMurray can be at this location in no more than 10-15 minutes, almost the same amount of time as it takes to go downtown to the Real Canadian Superstore, Walmart or Canadian Tire.  Yes it’s a concern that there’s not a lot of rooftops right around the site but growth will come; we heard it tonight, Parsons Creek is one of the top selling new communities within Fort McMurray and with the anchor tenants that we look to secure, for a regional site it can be a little further out detestation.” 

Royop has been doing business in Fort McMurray since 2006 and manages the Thickwood mall, Stoney Creek mall and a number of warehouses.