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Three NSUUR homes arrive for families

Sarah Anderson/REPORTER

Three families that were under-insured or uninsured will soon be able to go home.

The families received assistance from NGOs Supporting Uninsured and Underinsured Residents (NSUUR).

NSUUR is a working group of six non-profits who are helping residents that didn’t have adequate insurance repair or replace their home following the wildfire.

After 15-months the families were able to get their first glimpse of their new homes on July 25, the houses were pre-built in Saskatchewan and made their way up Highway 63.

Two homes were placed in Beacon Hill and one was in Abasand.

“The excitement kept building as we followed the houses up highway 63 to their destination. It was incredibly moving, and motivating, to see the smiles on the homeowners faces as they watched their homes arrive,” said Mennonite Disaster Service Alberta Chair Unit, Glen Kauffman.

Over the following weeks volunteers from Mennonite Disaster Service and World Renew will add decks, hook-up utilities and provide other work necessary to make these homes ready for their new residents.

They are aiming to hand the keys over to the homeowners before the end of summer.