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Jean believes Albertans want stability

Brian Jean throws his hat into the ring for leadership of the United Conservative Party. 660 NEWS Ian Campbell

As the leadership race for the United Conservative Party (UCP) continues, Brian Jean believes Albertans want practical, common sense decision making.

On Aug. 25, Jean will be at the Golden Years Society in Fort McMurray from 2:30- 4:30 p.m. meeting with his constituents and discussing issues that the province is faced with.

“I think they want stability. Being a good steward of tax dollars, which means ultimately making sure that they get a good return on investment for great services whether it be health care or education… all of these things are extremely important. Albertans expect to get a good return on their tax dollars,” said Jean.

The NDP released their quarter one update on Wednesday, where they announced that to stop the already $10.5-billion deficit from growing, they would have to dip into the contingency reserve fund.

Finance Minister, Joe Ceci said they had budgeted expecting oil to be around $55 US a barrel, but it is hovering just below $49.

Jean said that under the NDP government Alberta is having record deficits and debt.

“Spend, spend, spend is what they do very well. They do not hit their mark, which is very disappointing to see,” said Jean.

“$90 billion of debt in just another two years, $90 billion. When you calculate that down it equals about $3 billion in debt here in Alberta every year, which is $2500 per household just to pay the interest. That is an extra mortgage for people.”

Jean added that if the province does not control the spending and go in the other direction as soon as possible, we could be in trouble.

“I have told electors if I am elected as premier of this great province that I will bring us back into balance in three years,” said Jean. “We have a plan, I have put it forward and I believe it is going to be a very effective plan if I get that opportunity, and then we will start paying off that debt as quickly as possible.”

Jean plans to win the leadership and is very confident that the people of Alberta will support his bid to be premier.

“I am truly hoping that Fort McMurray comes out in a big way and that the people of Fort McMurray recognizes how important my being elected is to the local community because my heart is here,” said Jean.

The leadership of the UCP will be decided on Oct. 28, 2017.