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Bussieres seeking re-election

PHOTO. Supplied: RMWB website.

Councillor Lance Bussieres will re-offer his services this municipal election.

He was elected to council in 2013, he believes the first term is a learning experience.

“To do this job I believe you need to do it for more than one term,” said Bussieres. 

Bussieres was born and raised in Fort McMurray, he has been part of the community for 54 years.

“It is home and I think we need some continuity on council,” said Bussieres. “You still have the Bill 21 issues, you hopefully have the 10 year plan to reduce the budget, somewhat. I think you need some experience helping the CAO or new CAO, whoever that may be. You have the other issues with the rebuild and just considering what Fort McMurray has been through the last couple years.” 

Bussieres believes that other issues the municipality’s facing is the downtown core and fly-in, fly-out workers.

“I don’t think the municipality has any say in telling industry how to run their business. At least if the discussion is there on what the municipality may or may not be able to do to help reduce or capture some of the fly-in, fly-out but I certainly don’t believe it is our job to tell industry run their business,” added Bussieres. 

As for downtown redevelopment he isn’t sure what should be put there, but he believes local people should have some say.

“Whether it is an arena, a bunch of restaurants, a bowling alley or a movie theatre, I am not sure, I think what we need to do is engage our residents,” said Bussieres. 

The municipal election is Oct. 16.