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UCP holds first leadership debate in Calgary

Last Updated Sep 21, 2017 at 11:18 am MDT

United Conservative Party

The United Conservative Party held its first leadership debate Wednesday evening at Mount Royal University.

The debate was civil for the most part.

Brian Jean welcomed the positive tone and opportunity to share ideas.

“I think the most important thing for me is that Albertans learn who Brian Jean is and Brian Jean is not a negative person, Brian Jean he is a positive person,” said Jean. “He likes to make sure people are empowered and that people are lifted up and I think that is what we need to do with our economy right now, with our confidence for investors and for our confidence for Albertans.”

Jason Kenney told the audience voters have a choice, they can vote for experience or they can vote for the other three.

“I think we are not just choosing a future, but also a future premier, somebody who can hit the ground running on day one making the changes necessary to renew the Alberta advantage and I think that I was able to communicate that tonight,” said Kenney.

Candidate Doug Schweitzer is trying to bring in young party members.

“Our campaign is attracting young Albertans, our tent campaign team is young; the average age is about 24 years old,” said Schweitzer. “We held a rally with hundreds of people that came out to it with the youngest average age I have ever seen at a Conservative event. I think it’s mainly a factor that we are speaking to issues that Albertans are looking for, we have a young province.”

Former Wildrose President Jeff Callaway frequently went after former Wildrose leader Brian Jean.

“I know the history of Brian Jean and I have worked with him for two and half years and I believe at times it was at odds with what the Wildrose actually stood for,” said Callaway.

Members of the UCP go to the polls between October 26 and 28.