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Rural Coalition to host Ward 1 and mayoral candidate forum

Last Updated Sep 25, 2017 at 2:33 pm MST

The Rural Coalition will be hosting an all candidates forum for all Ward 1 and mayoral candidates ahead of the 2017 municipal election. The forum will focus on issues such as the rural service deficit, rural tax fairness and the lack of infrastructure investment in the rural areas of the RMWB.

“Anyone who puts their name forward in this election is putting their name forward to represent the entire region, not just Fort McMurray,” said Ron Quintal, spokesperson for the Rural Coalition. “We all have a right to know the candidate’s views on important issues that affect the rural residents of the RMWB. This is a great opportunity for urban candidates to talk directly to the residents about how they plan to help make the lives of rural resident better.”

Since forming last August, the Rural Coalition worked with municipal government on improving life for the rural residents by saving the Conklin multiplex, securing piped water and sewer projects, getting a review of the 1995 amalgamation agreement and accepting the recommendation of the Truth and Reconciliation report.

“By now everyone should realize that life in the RMWB outside of Fort McMurray can be very difficult”, said Quintal.  “Issues arising from the lack of piped water and sewer, policing, or economic and recreational opportunities have long plagued our communities.  This next council has a great opportunity to help improve the lives of our rural residents. We want to hear from the candidates how they’d like to make that happen.”

The forum will be held on Tuesday, Oct. 3 from 6 p.m. till 9 p.m. at the UNIFOR building on 10019 MacDonald Ave. The Ward 1 debate will be held during the first half of the meeting followed by them mayoral debate.

This event is only open to rural residents however it will be broadcast live online for urban voters to follow along.

All residents of the RMWB go to the polls on Oct 16th.