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VOTE FOR ME: Don Scott

PHOTO. Don Scott announced that he will be running for mayor of the RMWB on March 7 at the Royal Canadian Legion Branch #165. Melanie Walsh. REPORTER


With election day on Monday, Oct. 16 MyMcMurray.com has asked each of the mayoral candidates to describe, themselves, their platform, and why voters should support them. 

They are published in the order received using the VOTE FOR ME byline.

Below is Don Scott’s response. 

Don Scott – Mayoral Candidate 

When I began this journey in March, I did so because I believed this region needed an opportunity to build a stronger tomorrow. Now that the campaign is in the final hours, I continue to believe this to be true.

I have lived in this region for almost two decades; I came here with virtually nothing but a law degree, and this region allowed me to start a family, build two successful law firms, serve as an MLA and a provincial Minister and now run for Mayor to represent the people. That alone speaks to the tremendous opportunity and potential that has always existed in this region, and that I want to ensure continues to exist for the future.

I believe my experience sets me apart; from serving as a Councillor in municipal government to my provincial experience, I have developed strong relationships at every level of government, as well as an understanding of how government works and how to better foster these relationships between our region, the province and our federal government.

My comprehensive platform is laid out at my site at www.donscott.ca, but as a brief recap I have identified five pillars, which cover aspects such as Bill 21, Fly in/Fly Out, diversifying our economy, attracting new business, revitalizing the downtown and strengthening relationships. Fundamentally I believe the next four years will be a critical period in our region, and I believe strong leadership will be essential to our success.

Wood Buffalo needs to be a place where people choose to work, live and play; we need to retain our current residents and attract new residents to the region who come here to enjoy our opportunity and potential. We have faced some tremendous challenges in the past few years, and at times they seemed almost insurmountable; but the indomitable spirit, tenacity and strength of the people of this region shone through the darkness, and we rose above every challenge.

We will continue to face challenges. They may take the form of Bill 21, FIFO or any of a myriad of other issues; what will be necessary in the next four years is the kind of leadership that is prepared to face them. I believe I am that kind of leader, and I hope to have the opportunity to work with a newly elected Council and a strong administration to provide that leadership to our region.

Our leaders need to reflect the spirit, tenacity, strength and resiliency of the people of this region, and I would be both honoured and humbled to be chosen by the people to lead in this manner. My most fervent hope is that residents choose to vote; I hope to see this election engage residents and re-ignite their passion for our region, our communities and our future.

Finally, I thank this region for the opportunities it has granted to me, and I look forward to embracing the future together, as we build a stronger tomorrow for all.