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Wood Buffalo Food Bank learns how to better operate in event of disaster

IMAGE. Supplied by Wood Buffalo Food Bank Association.

To better prepare for any future disastrous events such as the 2016 wildfire, the Wood Buffalo Food Bank Association (WBFBA) has spent the past eight months working on an evaluative project to improve future response and business continuity in the event of disaster.

The project took the form of a report, which discusses the findings as a social profit organization responding to a disaster and includes perspectives from stakeholders representing social profit organizations, government organizations, the business sector and Indigenous agencies and WBFBA clients were elicited.

The report outlined essential services needed during a disaster, explains the role social profit organizations take on during and after the event as well as any implications they may have.

While it was recognized that social profit organizations have a significant role to play in the aftermath of a natural disaster, there was a demonstrated lack of understanding about the important role that food banks play in communities.

This report will help ensure that the role of the WBFBA is more understood, and that it is considered an essential service at the appropriate phase of any future disaster.

After reviewing the report further, The WBFBA and Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo will now be able to become better prepared for any future disaster events while assisting the community to become self-sufficient, sustainable and economically resilient.


The report will be available on the WBFBA website.