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Dunvegan Gardens faces several safety code concerns

PHOTO. Supplied. Brad McMurdo, Acting Director of Planning and Development, announced Safety Code violations by Dunvegan Gardens. Nathalia Cordeau-Hilliard. REPORTER.

Several orders have been given to Dunvegan Gardens under the Safety Code Act after an inspection on April 12.

Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo (RMWB) Development Compliance Officers and Safety Code Officers inspected the property in agreement with Dunvegan Gardens. The inspection was done to check the current status of development on the property and the alignment with municipal bylaws and safety acts.

Brad McMurdo, Acting Director of Planning and Development for the RMWB said there were three issues found that are a risk to human health and safety, including contaminated water.

“Safety Code Officers observed these systems were supplied with a water source that initially potable, but various components of the system exposed to a number of contaminants including animal feces, plant fertilizers, in-ground water and other unknown contaminants.”

Along with contaminated water supply, Safety Code Officers found that the electrical system that supplies electricity to the greenhouse is an electrocution hazard. Two coal fire boiler and propane systems that supply heat to the greenhouse were also considered unsafe.

Under the Safety Code Act Dunvegan Gardens has to stop public access to the greenhouse and water, electrical and heating systems must be disabled.

As long as they follow these steps, the order won’t affect the staff in caring for animals and plants.

It’s not sure how long these health and safety infractions have been intact because this is the first comprehensive site inspection that’s been done on the property in several years.

MyMcMurray has reached out to Dunvegan Gardens for comment.

These orders come as Dunvegan Gardens prepared for a public hearing with council on May 8th.