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Dunvegan Gardens Ltd. corrects most safety code violations

Last Updated Apr 16, 2018 at 7:51 am MDT

PHOTO. Supplied. Dunvegan Gardens.

Dunvegan Gardens Ltd. has addressed most of the safety code violations issued during an inspection of their property on April 12.

The Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo Development Compliance Officers and Safety Codes Officers found several issues that were of concern for human health and safety including:

  • Evidence of contaminated water supply
  • Evidence of an unsafe electrical system in the greenhouse
  • Evidence of two unsafe heating systems supplying heat to the greenhouse


In a press release, Brad Friesen president and CEO of the garden centre said some of the findings surprised them.

“Safety for our Fort McMurray Families is also a priority for us and that is why we did take immediate action to rectify most of the concerns prior to being ordered to do so by the RMWB on April 13th,” said Friesen in a press release.

Friesen continued to say that Dunvegan Gardens captures rain and surface water in a cistern to water the plants in the greenhouse and flush toilets. He said a seal was broken and there was potential for greenhouse water to drain back into the cistern from over-watered plants.

The press release said that local professionals have been called to their property on Garden Lane to correct the other issues.