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Affordable housing available as insurance deadlines near

PHOTO. Houses in Beacon Hill rebuilding after being destroyed by the 2016 wildfire. Jenna Hamilton/ Morning Reporter.

This year marks the two-year anniversary of the Horse River Wildfire and many insurance companies will no longer be providing rental assistance in the near future.

As the rebuild continues, many residents have found themselves still displaced from their homes and struggling financially.

Therese Greenwood of Wood Buffalo Housing said there are vacant units that run, on average, 10 per cent below market value.

“Wood Buffalo Housing knows that there are still people not back in their homes for a variety of reasons and we want to make sure that people know that we have some affordable housing options available.”

Some applicants may be eligible for social housing, which gives a rental rate based on income.

Wood Buffalo Housing offers safe and pet-friendly units available from one to four bedrooms.

You can apply for affordable housing online at www.wbhousing.ca or by phoning 780-799-4050.