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Dunvegan Gardens for sale

Last Updated Jun 12, 2018 at 5:31 am MDT

PHOTO. Supplied. Dunvegan Gardens.

Dunvegan Gardens has decided to put their property up for sale after council denied the application for them to re-zone and keep their retail giftware and garden centre operating legally.

Brad Friesen, Dunvegan Gardens Vice President of Operations told MyMcMurray a couple of reasons that ultimately drove them to put the property on the market on Friday, June 8.

“A lot of it relates to family, health, sanity and I guess the insanity of our current council,” said Friesen.

Friesen notes that his passions are in market gardening and farming and that the company plans on landscaping in the community until they sell the land.

“We’ll probably be here for the rest of the season.” said Friesen. “If somebody comes along and wants to buy it, it could come to be a partnership.

It’s hard to say where time will take us, we are looking at another shop downtown sell our gift ware at that should open up sometime next week.” 

After that they plan on moving to another community to continue their operations.