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Former Wood Buffalo RCMP officer dodges jail time -- again

Last Updated Jun 11, 2018 at 6:33 am MDT

Wood Buffalo RCMP Timberlea detachment. Sarah Anderson/REPORTER

A former Wood Buffalo RCMP officer will remain under house arrest after an appeal into his sentence was denied.

Kyle Harrison was charged with breach of trust and bribery in 2015, for accessing confidential RCMP information on four occasions.

He pleaded guilty to two counts of breach of trust in 2017 and was sentenced to two years house arrest.

The Crown was appealing the sentence because they believe that the judge made an error in his sentencing by not considering the severity of the crime, arguing that jail time should have been the primary sentence.

In a written statement, the Alberta Court of Appeal said the sentencing judge made no errors in principle.

“The sentencing judge specifically considered general deterrence as a paramount sentencing principle. It is well established that a conditional sentence is capable of achieving denunciation and deterrence. Depending on the conditions imposed, a conditional sentence may be as onerous as a jail term. The conditions imposed in this case were very onerous, requiring house arrest for 24 months. The sentencing judge did not err by failing to properly address general deterrence and denunciation.” 

The statement continues to say that the judge referenced a psychologist’s report that determined Harrison to be a normal person who had the idea that he had to help people all the time.

The judge determined two years under house arrest to be suitable, factoring in that Harrison had no criminal record and would not endanger the community.

Harrison has resigned from the RCMP.